Past WaunaFest Run Testimonials

Several WaunaFest Run spectators having a good time“Support along the course was great…especially in the neighborhoods.”

“Great course. Challenging with a few rolling hills, but not too intimidating for beginners.”

“Loved going through the neighborhoods with the cheering families.”

“Some flat parts, some challenging hills, good spacing of water breaks. I really like the course and I use it as a training run. I think it’s perfect.”

“Very dedicated course volunteers! More than enough water stations!”

“One of the best organized long runs I’ve ever done. Very impressed!”

“The course(s) are challenging, but always feels good when you finish. The finish area is great for spectators to enjoy and share the fun & successes of the runners. Love the small town atmosphere and upbeat “congrats” and high fives as we all cross the finish line…fast runners and slow runners…The music and the refreshments after the race are far above other venues…folks tend to hang around and mingle and enjoy themselves…not a rush to get in the car and head home, nice to hang out with friends or just enjoy watching other runners come across the finish line and cheer for them as well….seems like there are no strangers at the Waunafest Run, everyone is there to cheer for the next guy/gal to cross the finish.”

“Great venue for families, the kids race and their bibs all labeled with #1 is AWESOME and a hoot to watch!”

“Just wanted to thank you for such a great race. The course was marked really well, there were the perfect amount of cheerful water stations, bathrooms and traffic monitors. And I’m not gonna lie…having  a cold beer at the end of the run made it worth every mile! What made this run EVEN better is just how many people in the community were out on their lawns cheering us on …it really helps push you while you’re out there questioning your sanity around mile 8.9…to have a cowbell, a bright sign or just a thumbs up to help you along! Thanks to everybody who made this all possible-it’s very much appreciated!”

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