Honorary Starters: Brenda Endres & Family

The family of Rex Endres of Rex’s Innkeeper will be the honorary race starters for the WaunaFest Run this year.  In July, the Waunakee community lost a beloved business icon, Rex Endres.  Rex was known for his warmth, energy and selfless care for his family, friends and customers.  When there was an event or cause in the community, Rex was the first person to step up with a donation, food, or whatever was needed.  Rex was a people person and you were only a stranger to him once.  For 33 years, Rex worked hand-in-hand with the Innkeeper staff, days, nights and weekends, whatever it took to make sure that everyone felt valued and welcomed, just like family.

Rex’s legacy of love, family, kindness, generosity and passion for his community will live on through Rex’s wife Brenda, and children Rachael, Michelle, Austin and Jordan, and their grandchildren Lily, Grace, Ethan, Ava and Max.  Our hearts are with you always, and on behalf of the Waunakee Chamber of Commerce, the Wauktoberfest Committee and all of Waunakee, thank you for being a special part of our event.

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